Thursday, April 29, 2010

A springy feeling

OK people time to write a bit about life in Vancouver and around as the winter comes to an end. With Jacqui away, the boys have had lot to do to keep entertained and busy...well. Anyway, between work sessions, we have had a few visitors coming and bringing fresh news form other continents and good mood. Lately The Alaska crew lead by Chunk turned up.
It was quite good, once used to the colours

A trip to Edmonton allowed me to catch up with Heather, and meet her good friends. A road trip trip lead us to Jasper where we managed some good camping and a bit of climbing. Dried mango was on the up.

Team french was put together after a hard hang over day back country skiing in the gullies of Mt Seymour and it was decided that a ski ascent/descent of Mt baker was on in up.
After an average first day getting up past the tree line in the rain and the blizzard without my shell, the skies open and gave us a perfect summit day (well, it surely was cold and windy but it worked alright)

MegaPouascaille et Jeff

Luc teh Duke in good style

Our campsite for the night, which proved to be a horribly windy place the next day, but hey.

Luc finding the stinky goat cheese in his backpack on the way down, while Jeff excuses himself for a short nap.
Good times.
Gareth, Shaunie and I went to the Chilwack Kayaking Festival last weekend, which gave us a good opportunity to remove the dust from our party apparel and give our hips some exercise. Once again, we didn't leave unnoticed. Gareth had his first proper river trips and came back very pleased, despite an expressive hangover. The Rastafari was quiet on the way back.
Hillary McC is around this weekend to visit and making most of a beautiful Vancouver in the sun.
Happy days.
Hope you guys are having fine moments and hope to hear from you soon

Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter Roundup

A dark batch of Homebrew to wash away the winter blues

We haven't put any pictures up for a while, here's a bit of what we've been up to over the last few months...

Winter arrived and we did some skiing, here's some pics from a trip Luc and I did to a backcountry hut, some whistler pics and one from Silverstar Resort.

Brew Hut

Mt Brew

Luc, Brew Meadows camping
Rhys at Whistler

Rach, Rhys and Jacs at Whistler

Silverstar Resort

Then the Olympics came to town. It was pretty good fun mingling with the crowds and cheering for Canada...

Your mate

Jacs hard at work during traffic patrol duties

I know someone who works at the Olympics and has two thumbs

The weather has now started to get warmer, that means the paddling season is kicking off again

East Fork of the Lewis River, Washington USA

Norrish Creek, BC

I had to go down to Reno recently to present a paper at a conference for work. I figured while I was down there I might as well fill in some time and check out the local area. I ended up catching up with a friend from high school and skiing around lake tahoe for 3 days. Not bad...

Quality Vancouver Sunrise from Cypress Mountain