Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simba and Reefton come to Play

Well I have arrived back in Canada, with grettings from kiwis left right and centre, it was hard to believe we wernt in NZ. Si and Reefton had arrived a few days earlier and were keen to show off their new set of wheels..

(The holdy...errr...falcon...err....foldy well really its a tarus)

With boats ready to go Shaun showed them the hot spots of North Vancouver, the local runs down the road.

Shaun on the Seymour

Si on the Seymour

We then decided being a long weekend, well do what kiwis do best - go tramping! Yup I think it was the first time I ever saw Simba wearing shoes that wernt made for the river. So Shaun, myself, Si, Reefton, Dangerous Dave and Megan hit the stein valley.

Reminissing old times over some tea johnny sugar

Theres nothing like a smokin hot day cooling off in the snow melted rivers

Si was a little uncomfortable about living in bear country, so I gave him some pointers in how to sniff them out

The kiwi catcher taking on the Fraser River, this was how we had to get to the start of the trail

So it was a good weekend had by all. Unfortunatley us kiwis are going our seperate ways once again. Si and Reefton are now in Alberta rafting out of Canmoe and I am heading on down to the States first Washington then Wyoming...I'll keep you posted

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project NOW: Kiwi Styles

This is a tale of two littl' kiwi birds living in the 'now'.

The 'now' began on Friday 13th after we had dealt with the only necessary reference to time - picking Jacqui up from the airport. The ladies and Crusty proceeded to the old stomping grounds for some Phuket Thai and after a failed attempt to kidnap Crusty for the weekend we set about packing for the coast.

Finally with KT on board we departed chch at the leisurely time of 'now' - needless to say it was very dark and the only evidence of all the Christchurch hordes headed to the wild foods festival was the trail of empty alcohol bottles and lack of toilet paper at all the public toilets dotted along the way.

We were greeted by Beans (the dog) when we finally arrived at Viv's place and quietly set ourselves up in the living room for the remainder of the night.

Morning rolled around and it was time catch up with the crazy Frenchman, who we found busy in the kitchen at Dyls place. We formulated somewhat of a plan for the day and then the three girls in mismatched attire headed to Hoki.

Tag in Jacs:
So no shit there we were, getting run over by two drunk guys on a bike while trying to get some rest. How were we supposed to know people would be using the track at 3am!
It all started with a simple facebook message - "I'm coming to chch". I was greated by big hugs and smiles by Em and Crusty at chch airport. Having feasted at our local "phucket" thai we got on the road and headed for the coast.

This is where project NOW all originated from. The time is now, not before, not soon, but NOW! Live in the moment soon became our philosophy.

Waking up on Viv's floor in Greymouth we rolled into action. We hunted down the crazy French man to find out the plan of attack. All we found was him up to his elbows in baking at Dylan's. So we took the lead, jumped in the car and headed to the infamous wild food festival. After buying dodgy tickets we got in at a bargain rate!

Tag in Em:
We headed straight for the creme de la creme or should I say Jacs dragged me. She should have listened, pickled huhu grubs are a very acquired taste which our sophisticated palates did not appreciate. After that we pretty much ditched the "wild" part and spent our day in the sun missioning, eating cake and ice cream, and drinking gin.

We migrated to the beach for the evening, playing games and guitar around the bonfire. As the fire burned low it was time to sus out a prime sleeping spot. So with sleeping bags in tow the search began. Key criteria being away from drunken idiots where we could sleep uninterrupted till mid morning. We headed out of town across the Hoki river and found the perfect spot, on a historical trail sheltered by trees (but still with a view of the stars). We made sure to allow room for any early morning walkers but didn't think it would be a problem. The girls were lulled to sleep by french bedtime stories about the last time Luc slept out under the stars and had the rather unfortunate experience of being run over by a mountain biker.

We slept soundly until approximately 3am when two guys on a bike....

Tag back in Jacs:
....came by full throttle. KT being the speed bump and Luc being the landing pad. We all looked as confused as each other!

Waking up to even more confused faces walking by we moved on to the Grey river, where another story was created. No details are needed, but let's say it involved a camera needing some white water rescue..... it was a successful day with some good fun to be had.

With another week before starting work I had some spare time on my hands and so it was that project NOW continued with Em and others by my side....

The itinerary for the next week went a little something like this:
Sunday Night: needless to say it was a late night getting back from the coast - typical "now" time

Monday: I had to go to work, but Jacs cooked me an awesome dinner and then we hung out with Gaz and Maiju over a pot of tea and some chocolate

Tuesday: I finished work at midday and missioned it up the Hurunui with Jacs and Sarah, some good timing had as meeting up with a crew of the lads just as we were getting on the water. After some fun times on the river and a cheeky beer at the pub we headed back to town for dinner and a movie with wee Ben.
Wednesday: Another day of work, then meet up with the girls for some yoga before heading out to Topkapi for some dinner with the crew (Jacs, Gaz, Maiju, Jono, Crusty, Becky, Ben and Rach). Then round to wee Bens for desert.

Thursday: The guts of project NOW gets underway. after another short day at work for me, Jacs, Crusty and Jamie picked me up at 3pm and we headed out into the wilderness. First stop an afternoon boulder at K-Hill. Then off to Andrews shelter to camp for the night.

Friday: (i could have been at work but instead) we had a hearty breakfast before heading out to hit up Big Bailey for what promised to be some super sweet scree running - we weren't disappointed. Another night camping at Andrews shelter, this time the crazy frenchman and Dylan joined us.

Saturday: Back to K-Hill and eventually back to chch. Out to dinner with some of Jacs NOLS crew (where we planted the seed for stage 2: Arapiles). Then off to the Temuka and the farm.

Sunday: dropped Jacs at peel forest for a week of work before heading home to catch up on some sleep.
Friday: Jacs gets back in town and we celebrate with a few drinks at the flat.

Saturday: we pulled together a sweet crew to hit up the hurunui before Jacs had to fly out in the wee hours of the morning.

Project NOW: Stage 1 - Done and dusted! Now for a few pics.

Three rather mismatched girls (KT, Jacs & me)

It wouldn't be the Wild Foods Festival without a little huhu grub action!
Jacs is always full of good ideas.... but honestly Jacs, pickled?!?

Turns out not so pleasant an experience!

Luc on form and dressed up, as usual

Not too sure to be honest - but good times!

A bit of a crew, Eden and JJ joining in with the cool kids

Good times in the sun with the crazy French Duke...

Some river action! Jacs stoked to be back out on the water

Me stoked to have found my camera! Good work team!

Pretty..... sunset on the west side after a saweet weekend

K-Hill styles - Booyah

Shadows and light...

So good to be back bouldering

Crusty getting it done!

Cards by candlelight... the ladies show crusty whats what (hot chocolate + tim tams)

Big Bailey in all it's glory


Flying high....

Team XTREME!!!!!

More xtremeness

Ahhhhh..... yes life is that good!

Taking a tea break on the way up

Who'd ya reckon won the rock rolling comp?
You're Xtreme Jacs

Ohh..... the aniticipation

The ladies on top of the world

Nice views from the top

Just for you Chris! (Jandels and all!)
......still, can't quite top the Owyhee

The jandels only came out for a short section
.... then it was time to take on the beast

Jamie giving it a go

Jacs with her arse on fire!




.... and she's still smiling about it!

The end of a sweet day...

for the xtreme crew!

The Hurunui Kids
Debs, Matty, Gaz, Ben Robson, Wee Ben (I know - sometimes he does actually go paddling!), thee Jono Ramsay, Maiju (first time on the river), Jamie, Me and Miss Jacquiline Berry...

Love ya Jacs! Awesome times on Project NOW miss! Bring on Stage 3: Canada!