Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy times here and there

Hello fellows, just a few photos from the last three weekends. First came the White Water Week from which I have very little photos. i especially missed the social events, but it was all good. I cracked my windshield, blew a tyre and got stung by a wasp (so did katie) and we both blew up like hot air balloons. For 4 days I had three nipples. Living the dream. 
It was also good to see Emma after a while (although I returned the wrong bouldering mat to you, sorry about that dear. hope I can fix it)

Someone playing on the O'sallies wave, which was very good, fast and easy to get onto at the time. Good stuff
Someone else getting popped out of Orikei Falls

The following weekend, Greg Seaton, I and Tim Sikma, amongst others took part of a Mountain Alpine Marathon, a two days Rogaine event. It was my first event of that kind, and I must to say I learnt things. I will take a much lighter backpack next time and also try to not screw up as often. We finished disqualified two hours after dark after crossing swamps and goarse fields under the moonlight, which was all good, but poorly rewarding from a racing point of view. Tim, out of his great great fitness ( which he judge poor), mastered and finished third.

The secret location was between Mt Somers and Lake Heron. Great sights guaranteed at all time.

Last weekend, me and my flatmate Rob took our mtbikes intending to make it to Wanaka, but a bent drive shaft made us decide to keep it low profile and we only made it as far as Lake Paringa, stopping here and there for rides, swims, free camping and fire shit. all good weekend I must say. Got properly rained on around Lake Kaniere, which made me wish I had brought a kayak along.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking in the "kiddie catcher"

Well, its all go for Jacs & Shaun over here. Our van is awsome, it's now complete with a bed, storage facilities, roof racks, kayaks, mini kitchen and a sofa - everything you could ask for...

Jacs in the depths of construction mayhem
Fits like a glove! Storage cabnets on the sides and the fold-up-able bed in the middle
The kitchen

Here it is, in all its glory. It's a V6, 4.3 litre, all wheel drive, cruising machine. Note the tinted windows, its like in the movies - a kiddie catcher

Last weekend Jacs and I went our seperate ways for 3 days. Jacqui went rock climbing with some frinds at a place called Smith Rock.
Smith Rock, from the carpark

Jacs dominating the rock...

Shaun went kayaking in the southern part of Washington on the Little White River and a few others.
Shaun in the midst of the action

Richard launching himself into the action

Then we rejoined forces and started our road trip north into Washington for about a week which is wear we still are now. We started by following the coast up through Oregon towards the Olympic Peninsula. This is a National Park there which is known for its huge rain forest and alpine meadows / snowy peaks. It has been a very long winter here, restricting what we are able to see and do, there is still quite a bit of snow around the place...

Exploring the lowland rainforest, trees thrive in this area because of the rain, there were some big trees!

We found some magic campsites!

The coastline...

With endless amounts of drift logs

We had a magic day exploring above tree line, with magic weather

At the top of Hurricane Hill

Try and spot Jacqui hiking through this wind swept ridge

We are having a great time exploring Washington, we hope Summer is just around the corner, we are picking up Kate on Thurs and then heading South, we'll keep you posted...