Friday, December 4, 2009

After a decade you'd need a holiday too...

Shaun back from the Island, Jacqui back from her frolickings, we were finally reunited and we realised it was our 10 year anniversary so a holiday was in order. We wanted warm, we wanted dry, tickets to Vegas were on special so Vegas it was! Watch out Vegas here we come again...
Vegas by night - The Strip

Splashing out on a new climbing rack, we were ready to break it in. We spent 3 nights in Las Vegas, by day we dominated the climbing scene at Red Rocks. Night time events included catching up with Hadley (a friend from uni), going to a Cirque du Soleil show and winning a total $50 on the pokies! No we did not hit up the chapels – maybe next time!

Next stop Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave desert, California. Jumping in our Mazda 3 hire car we hit the road south into the desert. After a 4 hour drive we arrived in the park and set up camp. Days were warm evenings cold and the climbing was excellent (just as we had heard). We spent 4 days exploring the parks monzogranite boulders and fields of Joshua trees (which isn't actually a tree but a family of the yucca plant).


Mazda 3 - Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree National Park
Jac's - J Tree
Jac's dominating the roof
Shaun - J Tree
Lots of boulders
Blue skies all round

What a star

After flying back from Vegas we headed down South to catch up with Chris. He'd organised a sweet long weekend away for thanksgiving in a backcountry hut with a whole bunch of good people. We hauled in 2 kegs of beer, 3 turkeys, a turkey deep fryer, lots of vege's, a couple of pumpkin pies, 32 party shirts and good smiles all round. We were ready for action.

The walk in usually takes 2-3 hours, towing our 'sleds', it took us 6 brutal hours
Once at the hut, the first job was to ensure everyone had a party shirt

Next on the agenda, 3 turkeys to cook
Team Xtreme, supervising the turkey cooking process

The hut we stayed in, seriously cool.

By day, the skiing was also fantastic. We were super lucky with the weather, snow by night - sun by day.
Shaun climbing up through the forest
The entertainment was superb as well. A mandolin and harmonica duet was entirely appropriate.

The entire weekend was super good fun. 28 great people hanging out in the hills with great food beer & wine. We're back at work now, Jac's up at the ski hill and Shaun at the office. We're waiting for a big dump of snow now!