Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trading Summer for Winter

Well, just for a wee bit ........ giving up the sweet summer life here in NZ for a cheeky few weeks shred dogging in Japan. Catch ya's!

The good life .... a night under the stars and sunrise over Mt Cook

Back soon to enjoy more Aotearoa goodness. Peace, Em

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Canadian White Stuff

We've seen some ups & downs over the last few months. Had some epic skiing & boarding during our time at Kicking Horse Resort. Plenty of snow and steep stuff to keep us entertained from day to day. Here's some pics.

Shaun at the top of Kicking Horse Resort

Some pretty, frosty trees

Some wicked ice Carving at Lake Louise

My mum & her partner Jon came over to visit for Christmas and stayed for 10 days at our lodge. I cut down the tree in the photo above and we all dragged it inside. Good times.

That's the lodge we were looking after, 10 rooms on the top 2 floors and a restaurant downstairs. Real swanky, $200 per night styles, and we got to live there as part of our deal. The gondola up the ski hill was about a 200m walk away.
Unfortunately our job at the lodge has come to an end and we're now floating. Jac's is heading back to Aussie for a bit shortly to do a bit of work there. I'm most likely heading back to NZ within the next few weeks. See ya soon!!!