Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where to practise your hauling skills on Vancouver Island and

So I had completed my rock strength testing program on the Seymour Canyon formation and, beside losing my wallet (featured here on its last evening in my company, emotions emotions), I had nothing in mind (well there was a week of office work but...)

Shaunie was in Vancouver Island chasing Bald Eagles away from his favorite landfill, figuring he would get his weekend off.

Got some ideas from a local paddler and we met by Campbell River late on friday and carried on to beautiful Stary lake by Gold River. Everything finishes with River out here. It's gotta be a good sign

Team Bacon and Eggs started massive, supported by the fact I had forgotten the stove (lots of fuel though I should say in my defence)

We put in for the Upper Upper Gold river the next day where we found stuff we wanted to paddle

And stuff we didn't want to paddle

Paddling stuff is fun but sometimes, when you have a busy mind like mine, you feel like breaking the routine, looking at things from a different angle, giving yourself a chance to live the sport through all you sensors. I say no more...

Nice day finishing with our finest home brew, a strong purgating curry (most likely from hell), time to relax amongst the trees, listen to a bit of music and talk about the days and years to come.

My blurry pictures style hasn't quite found approval and support throughout the globe yet, but it is just waiting to happen, so I keep exposing people to it until they perceive the true apporximate and deviant depth of the concept. One day...

So we were sunday, and after two separate runs the previous day, we decided to take a look at Monkey Canyon for which we had a description that we cared to read very partially before putting in, so we would remain interested the whole way.
The first succession of rapids would normally be nice but with higher lows that desired and a tree right across we quickly came to an agreement.

Just after the narrows (which are very narrow by the way) Shaun led the way and jumped that fair jump behind his paddle and kayak, soon to be followed by his French buffer.

Things were good for a few more rapids, sun was shining, our muscles were feeling stronger and bigger than ever, but then the valley narrowed again with a distinct horizon line.

The rapid none of us remembered reading clearly about, with a no-return eddy as an only way to scout. The pool below and the rapid itself looked busy enough, and like I said we were feeling massive and strong, so we decided we were gonna do the glory portage on that one. After two unsuccessful bluffed out exits, a few ferry and hauling of kayaks along the river, we found the way

Back to the happy day with bark and mud in the neck, and hands heated by the hauling

You do it cause you love it.

Shaun just passing his "Root" commiting move