Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kate's version of Extreme

So you may all be wondering what extreme and awesome exploits have been happening in the world of the PieMaster in the last while... it may be a different version of extreme but a week of no sleep, 3 sets built and 3 intese days of filming gotta count for something. It was the shoot for Dave's next short film, 'Junk' and I took on the daunting role of art department to create the world out of junk mail...

We (meaning myself, Dave and anyone else we could rope in, namely my sister Anna!) constructed 2 sets that were of the same room but on different axis of gravity, and completely covered in junk mail, using copious amounts of spray adhesive which left us with infested looking feet and glue-inhalation hangovers! I had 20 mins sleep on the night before the shoot, lying amongst the junk in a blanket so was relatively useless for the first day of filming, haha.

The room is basically supposed to be the make-believe world centre for junk mail production/distribution, (Dave is a creative man!) and so there are crazy junk claws and trays and chutes and slots...

One gravity...

and then the other!

And of course there had to be a bad guy. But can you see him?

Even ol' Stew got a cameo role!
And it wouldn't belong here if there weren't some dangerous stunts involved!

So all in all it was a crazy time, but well worth it. You better keep your eyes posted for Dave becoming an international success in no time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A bit of an update...

Not long left in Aussie now. Jacs is back in NZ - out in the bush for a month tramping! I'm hanging here till she's done with that then heading back to NZ.

Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to recently:

Jacs making friends with the locals
Our friend Christoph at the top of a climb, belaying us up in the Grampians
Shaun at the top, Christoph coming up to meet me.
Shaun, Comtemplating fate...
Jacs, contemplating her fate...

See you back in NZ soon!